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Transformational Yoga Teacher Class  2022

Jen, Ladan, and Susanne - our teacher
Transformational Yoga Teacher Class 2022
Yoga teachers class 2022
Susanne, Iqbal, Ladan, & Jen
Susanne, Jen, Helen with her children & Ladan
Susanne, Carol, Ladan, and Jen
Susanne, Megan, Jen, & Ladan
Susanne, Meiji, Ladan & Jen
Susanne, Jasdeep, Jen & Ladan
The ladies who brought YTT to fruition
Megan, Jasdeep, & Helen
Megan receiving blessing
Carol receiving blessing
Jasdeep receiving blessing
Iqbal receiving blessing
Meiji receiving her blessing
Meiji and her family
Helen and Susanne
Helen with her kids and Ladan
Meiji and her son
Megan, Meiji and Helen


As far as I remember, I was always attracted to yoga but I couldn’t comprehend what it is at the holistic level and where to start it.  I started my physical yoga journey at Y07 in 2015; it was very overwhelming to me at first then something in me kept pushing me to keep practicing. It was matter of time that Yoga has become “a way of life” for me.   I couldn’t live without a yoga session. I wouldn’t feel complete. 


As life happened; my thirst for more kept growing, i started to read and practice meditation, breathing exercises.  This enhanced my yoga practice and made me a better person from both emotional and spiritual aspects. I wanted to take my practice to the next level then YTT happened (Yoga teachers training) in 2022.  Then, my real yoga journey started; I met wonderful teachers and fellow yogis. My yoga Journey allowed me to focus on both inner strength and physical practice with the help and support of teachers and colleagues. 


This new YTT  has been wonderful social, spiritual and empowerment journey.  It has taught me that everything we do with consciously is yoga; Yoga brings us to the present moment where life is happening ...


Where do I start?  First off, I want to thank Jen, Susanne, Meiji, Ladan, and Elena from my heart to yours.   Thank You.  I was guided to this training in this space with these beautiful teachers.  This YYT 200 for me was exactly what  I needed.  The teachers where extremely knowledable and they each had their own authenticity which I loved.  We have gotten to know each other personally and soulfully.  We are all connected.  We shared knowledge, tears, and beautiful moments.  We became a weekend family and I am sure our paths will cross soon.  Thank you  Yoga On Seven And Yogaloft's  for this.  YTT 200 was a training I am forever grateful.  Now we have a lot of work to do.  Let's share love and light to each soul we meet in our lives and help them understand the power of our breath.  Let's humbly guide humans.  Thank you  beautiful teachers Jen, Susanne, Ladan, Elena, and Meiji  for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. 

Now we have work to do.  





I decided to take the Yoga Teachers in Training course to deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga. Little that I know, I got so much more out of it. It was the perfect opportunity to explore, learn and practice at the same time. The amazing dedicated and supportive teachers brought their own domains to the training that opened the door to the many different paths that you can take as a student. It’s incredible to discover the beauty, diversity and true meaning of yoga that are valuable in our daily life in many areas. This Teacher Training program is by far, one of the best training I have ever done in my whole life. 

A million thanks to these wonderful teachers who made our journey enjoyable and smooth to become successful Yoga teachers of the future. I personally share the success with my fellow five graduates who were with me in the last six months. We shared innermost thoughts of our lives that led us to bond like real brother and sisters. My utmost appreciation to Yoga On Seven and Yoga Loft for creating the space and the program. Now, I am confident and happy to take it to the next level by sharing the knowledge I learned through teaching. With so much love and gratitude,





It was a lifelong dream of mine to be a teacher and now I am officially a certified yoga teacher… no words can explain my happiness to have graduated from the Transformational YTT program. It has truly been a transformational journey. 


We were all truly blessed to have such amazing teachers and all throughout the training, I always felt so grateful – It was such a privilege to be guided on this YTT journey by some of the very best. A big thank you to the beautiful teachers that were part of this training for sharing their knowledge, experience, so much love and so much more. 


I am so grateful to have met the beautiful souls who went on this journey with me. We all got very lucky with each other and created such beautiful friendships. Everyone was real and authentic, and it is really an honour to be a part of this beautiful yogi group. Big hug and big thank you to you all for being a part of my journey and for sharing your energy, your life, laughter, tears, love and your passion for yoga.


I got way more than I was expecting, and I am so grateful I made an impulsive decision to do the YTT. It worked out so perfectly for me. I was always looking forward to the weekends because this training really became a safe space. A loving space. A healing space. A fun space. Thank you to Ladan, Susanne, Jen, Meiji, Yoga Loft, Yoga on Seven for creating the opportunity and allowing us the chance to be a part of it.


YTT 2022 has been the most amazing spiritual, emotional, and mental journey.  This process has really allowed me to look within myself and step into my power.  It was a sincerely safe space where I was able to connect with other like-minded individuals, and share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions without being judged or ridiculed. 


The number of tears I have shed, all combined with the laughter, joy, patience, discipline, and determination this training has allowed me to tap into and experience are truly unlike any other sort of training or education that one will experience in a lifetime. 


Special shout-out to the instructors that have guided us – your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed! Thank you to our local studios: Yoga On Seven and Yoga Loft, for graciously hosting us and welcoming us with open arms. 


To my fellow Yogi’s that endured the last 6 months with each other – cheers to us all for pushing through. In our wildest dreams come true – this is only the start of our beautiful adventure!


If you feel the calling and would like to take this journey for yourself, then click on the link below for more details.  see you on the mat! 

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