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Meet our YO7 Leaders

Yoga On Seven is a space we created to help our community awaken and realize their own inner greatness and live an impassioned life.

We invite you to meet and surpass your personal edge, overcome fear and doubt and step into your full potential on this planet. We welcome you to our community and invite you to step into your power!

Want to step up to something bigger than you?

We know you do! Come take one of our trans-formative classes.

We believe YOGA is accessible by anyone.

We welcome you to our community and invite you to step into your power!


Nadine studied dance at a very young age and was a choreographer and teacher of ballet, tap and jazz for 12 years in both Canada and Boston.  Her dance background led to her passion for yoga where she completed the Baron Baptiste “40 Days to Personal Revolution” program in June 2017 in Bermuda.  This led to a natural progression of completing her 200hr Baptiste Inspired Power Yoga Teacher Training here at Yoga on Seven.  


Nadine is a #1 International Bestselling Author of inspirational books and is also certified as a Spinning Instructor with Mad Dogg Athletics and has taught in Bermuda and in Vaughan.  


Nadine brings her playful and positive disposition to every class, with her Free Flow style.  Free Flow incorporates a series of asanas with energetic and fluid movement to music while inspiring and motivating you on and off your mat in the process!

Our Mission

Gordana Ljuboje

l am yogini and yoga teacher who is passionate about helping people tap into the powerful energy that surrounds us all. I have been on life long quest for health and balance, and started teaching yoga in 2010.
My classes are geared towards building connection between all the elements of being- mindful movement, conscious breathing and meditation.

We welcome you to our community and invite you to step into your power!

Shalina Rayat

Shalina’s yoga journey began in 2014 after her first Baptiste Yoga class sparked the call to serve all of the teachings that come from yoga. 

You will often find her sharing teachings such as (sithra/sukham) effort and ease as a way to encourage and discover new possibilities on and off the mat. Shalina invites her students to arrive on their mats, to create space for what is and through movement and breath welcoming the possibility to open our hearts into a deeper shared experience. Yoga being a moving meditation allows you the space to let go of what no longer serves you.

In Shalina’s classes you can expect two spectrums. Either to get your asana kicked in a hot fiery class or to connect deeply through breath to movement in her yin style classes. Her roots come from a deep Baptiste style of practice in Toronto however, as Austin became her second home she has been able to explore teachings from BowSprings and Danny Kest. These are some styles she invites into her classes. 

Shalina has studied under Zoe Welsh and Diana Wilcox for her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at YTX Austin,Texas. She has also studied along with Giocanda Parker and Camila Matos for her Yin Yoga Certification with YTX Austin,Texas. She also gives thanks to all her yoga teachers that in some way small or large have shaped her journey of what she is privileged to offer to others. 

As one of her yoga teacher’s says “we are all just walking each other home” -Ram Dass. 


We Are


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