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New to YO7?

We invite you to come into our yoga studio and immediately feel at home.

We believe YOGA is accessible by anyone.

We welcome you to our community and invite you to step into your power!

What To Bring

  • Yoga Mat (we recommend Jade yoga mats as they are non-slip and safe for a sweaty practice)

  • Water

  • A towel

  • An open mind

  • Wear light yoga clothing, no shoes or socks



  • Fitted yoga top and bottom to allow easier movement from posture to posture. A loose t-shirt may get in the way.


  • We recommend shorts and a light t-shirt

What We Do

We teach Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. This is energetic and athletic form of yoga where you will flow or move from one posture to the next using your breath as your fuel. These classes are taught in a heated room (38°C). Come prepared to sweat! Physically the emphasis is on strength and flexibility. Mentally the emphasis is on creating a powerful life and stepping up to something bigger than yourself on and off your mat.

Benefits of Yoga

- the list is endless.
  • Weight loss

  • Reduction in stress levels

  • Improved strength and flexibility

  • Better posture

  • Muscle tone

  • Improved mood/depression relief

  • Improved mental focus

  • Connect with a new community and form lasting friendships

  • Improved immune system

  • Better balance

  • Compliment to your regular gym workout

  • Improves stamina and agility in every sport

  • Healthy glowing skin

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